Tangier based musician and Producer, Abdous fuses Pop, Soul, RnB, Electronic elements & noodling jazz instrumentation to offer his own style and unique musical vision.
Guitarist since the age of 13, music has always occupied an immensely important place in Abdou’s life. In 2005, he joined the Tangier Conservatory where he studied music theory & guitar for 3 years, and later joined the ranks of the Fermata Choir from 2015 to 2019, then starting his own music recording studio and thus his music career.
When the pandemic took over the world and everyone was in lockdown, Abdous started a series of musical collaborations with national & international artists, making more than 40 videos so far posted in his social media.
Abdous released 3 singles “What Comes Around Goes Around”, “Sunshine On” & “I Love You So (ft. Jazzemen)” as part of his upcoming EP that is to be released soon.